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Murder-Suicide Investigation

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A Danville couple is dead after what authorities are calling a murder-suicide.

Sharon and Thomas Douglas lived and worked at this house on South Fourth Street in Danville.

Sharon operated “The Hair Studio” and Thomas owned “Douglas Towing.”

Neighbors tell us the couple’s daughter went to her parent’s house on Sunday. When she knocked on the door, no one answered. Police say she looked inside and saw both of her parents dead on the floor. Police say Thomas shot his wife and then shot himself.

Neighbors say they the couple were having marriage problems.

“They were having some arguments, she (the daughter) had tried to get to her (Sharon) to leave because evidently it was getting pretty heated,” said Brent Kendall. “She was trying to get her to go with her and stay with her and her kids for the night, just to get away, let things calm down, but evidently she didn’t want to go.”

Police say Thomas Douglas had an active domestic violence order against him since February. The court had ordered Douglas stay away from his house on South Fourth Street.

He was also banned from owning a gun.

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