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Lost Everything and Everyone she ever loved to Domestic Violence

So that her Story does not Become Yours

Claudine Dombrowski is a survivor to domestic violence, a cycle she went back to many times. “I had a choice I could see my daughter or I could never see her again. The abuser had complete control, so I got my daughter back and went back to him.” http://www.ktka.com/news/2009/oct/20/domestic_violence_rise_shawnee_county/

Week Without Violence continues with statehouse stand KTKA com3

Hundreds gathered at the State House this afternoon to voice one common message: ‘stop the violence.’
It was all part of the 16th annual YWCA’s ‘Week Without Violence.’
Today they held a march where victims, leaders, law enforcement and citizens walked together to take a stand against domestic violence.

“I’m a survivor of domestic violence, and it was a quite brutal, brutal account. I lost everything, except for my life,” says Claudine Dombrowski.

As a survivor, Dombrowski says it’s important for victims to know that there is a place to turn to for help.
“Listen to your red flag. Listen to that little thing that god put in your heart that red flag that says something’s just not right. Don’t blow it off. Listen to that red flag. Reach out to somebody and talk to them.”

Rest of article here: http://www.ktka.com/news/2010/oct/22/…

Domestic violence is on the rise in Shawnee County KTKA

Interview with Claudine Dombrowski and Shawnee County, Kansas District Attorney Chad Taylor.

“I remember curling up in a ball to protect her from the kicks,” domestic violence survivor, Claudine Dombrowski, described.

Read the rest of the article here: http://www.ktka.com/news/2009/oct/20/…

CJONLINE: Marchers decry domestic violence

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Claudine Dombrowski, 45, of Topeka, who described herself as a victim of domestic violence, shows one of the signs she carried in Friday’s “March to Action” in downtown Topeka. The march, which attracted about 100 participants, was held in conjunction with the YWCA’s Week Without Violence.

“I’m a survivor who lost everything but my life,” said Claudine Dombrowski, 45, of Topeka, who said she has been at all 16 marches held each October in conjunction with the YWCA’s Week Without Violence. “I come out here every year to bring awareness, because I can’t let it keep happening to other people.”

Read the rest of the article here: http://cjonline.com/news/local/2010-10-22/marchers_decry_domestic_violence

by Sabrina Dombrowski pour que les lois a Topeka changent….

So that her Story does not Become Yours

In Honor of the life and death of her family—The Shawnee County Courts continue to abuse and to kill—taking the life of all the victims in one way or another. Fly High—Fly Free—and Run with the Wind.

Disclaimer: This Video is owned by the world wide web It is not in the control of the Shawnee County Courthouse who have found in contempt jailed and fined for this video a year ago. Claudine Dombrowski does not own or post to this blog. Tribute Video that the courts and the batterer HAL RICHARDSON do not want the world to see:

Don’t Give Up!



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