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Peter Jamison: Parental Alienation: A ‘Mythical Legal Argument’- PAS: Mad Science?



California family courts

Parental Alienation: A ‘Mythical Legal Argument’

By Peter Jamison, Thu., May 19 2011 @ 2:18PM

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PAS: Mad science?

Slate published an excellent story this week on the battle over whether to include the theory of "Parental Alienation Syndrome" in the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Like almost every other informed and disinterested observer who has assessed the validity of PAS, Slate senior editor Dahlia Lithwick takes a very dim view of the theory.

She also gracefully articulates the many reasons that the theory, as currently used as "scientific evidence" in family courts across the country, is pernicious. In a March cover story, SF Weekly described how PAS — and its virtually identical variant, "Parental Alienation" or PA — can be used by abusive fathers to win custody of children from protective mothers.

The theory of Parental Alienation, a term coined by the late pedophilia apologist Richard Gardner, posits that mothers maliciously brainwash their children to hold delusions of sexual abuse at the hands of an estranged father. As described by its adherents, PAS is probably the only supposed psychiatric condition that arises solely in the context of divorce proceedings, one of many reasons that reputable scientific and medical organizations such as the American Medical Association don’t recognize it.

As Lithwick puts it:

… no hypothesis so rooted in gender bias should be credited by medical science. And because evidence of PAS is so frequently offered to counter maternal allegations of abuse, the experts testifying about PAS can be aiding and abetting a system that takes children from abused mothers and hands them right back to abusive fathers. Once again, this doesn’t mean that some parents don’t alienate their children in a divorce. It means that PAS is now used to discredit women whenever they claim abuse.

Of course, despite its tenuous scientific credentials, PAS has become the dominant psychological paradigm of the family-court system. The word "syndrome" is often deliberately omitted so that litigants arguing that the condition exists can avoid the unsavory connotations of the theory’s origins, and most particularly its founder, Gardner, who argued that "pedophilia has been considered the norm by the vast majority of individuals in the history of the world."
Lithwick’s conclusion: "While nobody was looking, a mythical legal argument known as parental alienation may have already taken over family courts."
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Trouble with Women—We are just returning the favor Family Court–


AMPP is a social movement. seeking justice and accountability within the family court system which includes DHHS/CPS, psychologists and other so called experts.

We as mothers demand CITIZENSHIP and our Rights to our Children. We demand that our children not be used as pawns by our abuser in a custody dispute. We demand that Mothers and Children be equally protected against court ordered visitation with an abuser. We demand that Mothers and Children be given the same rights, privileges and voice that the abuser gets in family courts!

We demand that our President take action now as can no longer afford to be silent and we won’t. We demand the same "rights and freedoms" to which all humans are entitled. Behind the closed doors of the dirty little secret of the family court system, thousands of women each year lose child custody to violent men who beat and abuse Mothers and Children. Family courts are not family-friendly and betray the best interests of the child. Until Mothers and Childrens voices are heard we will never shut up, give up or go away!

Meet The New Boss…Same As The Old Boss

Women tired of being ignored by our President are banding together to bring awareness to the fully funded genocide that is currently raging through America. Pres. Obama has allocated $500 Million in Responsible Fatherhood Initiatives which help abusers gain access and/or custody to children. In 2010. 175 abusive fathers killed their children http://dastardlydads.blogspot.com/2011/02/175-killer-dads-fathers-who-ended-t… fathers who ended their children’s lives in situations involving child custody, visitation, and/or child support (USA)

We are not going to give up, shut up or go away…we are going to get LOUDER!
Disclaimer: I voted for Barack Obama and had every faith in him, We have tirelessly attempted to bring awareness to him about the issues with women in family court and domestic violence. This video intent is to enlighten others on the subject that we women will not get fooled again. We demand that our president stop ignoring our pleas and take action as we can no longer afford to be silent and we won’t. The politicians that are currently waging a war on women we have taken notice of and will not be fooled again.

Gender Bias or Mother Nature??


Fathers EARN your rights.

Boy killed neo-Nazi dad to end domestic abuse


you cant even defend yourself—from the fathers rights to abuse.


Boy killed neo-Nazi dad to end domestic abuse

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (ABC) — There was an unexpected delay Wednesday in the case of a Riverside boy accused of murdering his white-supremacist father.

Neo-Nazi leader Jeff Hall was shot to death in his own home, allegedly by his own 10-year-old son. Wednesday, more details were revealed about what might have set the child off.

According to the arrest declaration, the boy told police he was tired of his dad hitting him and his mom. So two and a half weeks ago he got his dad’s .357 handgun and aimed it at his dad’s ear while he was asleep and shot him.

The boy made his second court appearance Wednesday. He didn’t enter a plea, but he will be given a mental health evaluation.

The defense wasn’t available for comment, but prosecutors say it’s possible the boy will plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

“Obviously in a case like this when we’re talking about whether or not a 10-year-old boy can formulate the intent to commit first-degree murder, there’s issues of whether or not he can comprehend what he’s doing,” said Riverside County Deputy District Attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez.

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Hall’s wife, the boy’s stepmother, is also being charged in the aftermath of what happened in the home. Krista McCary is accused of child endangerment due to the number of unsecured guns police say they found in the home.

The prosecution says it’s unlikely the stepmother would serve any time in state prison because they say she has no criminal record.

“We are giving her the option to turn herself in. We’re doing that because of her close relationship to the juvenile in this case, and how important she is to him,” said Rodriguez.

The boy is due in juvenile court on July 22.

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Domestic Violence Debate-Why some fathers kill, the tragic murder suicide that’s reignited the debate over domestic violence.


They Kill To Punish Their Wives For Leaving Them.

It’s About The Ultimate Control and Violence Over a Woman and Her Children.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Here is a story about the murder suicide tragedy that sparked discussion all around the nation about domestic violence.

Early this week, estranged father Paul Rogers killed four people, including his five-year-old daughter and himself.

These incidents aren’t common, but they do happen with a tragic regularity, and every time they prompt soul searching about why. Deborah Cornwall reports.

CINDY GAMBINO: I can’t understand what goes through a father’s mind in the terms of, “I have to kill my child to get to her.” It doesn’t have to be like that. It truly doesn’t.

DEBORAH CORNWALL, REPORTER: It was six years ago on Fathers’ Day when Robert Farquharson drove his three sons into a dam. But rather than trying to save them, he left them to drown, flagging down a passing car and heading straight to ex-wife Cindy Gambino to tell her the shocking news.

CINDY GAMBINO: You’re never ever the same person. And then I think why do fathers feel that they have to take their children’s lives in order to get back at the mother?

CAROLYN HARRIS-JOHNSON, CURTIN UNI: What would be important for him would be to actually see the result of his work, so that he would want to witness the pain on the surviving parent himself. He’d want to see it, he’d want to be there, he’d want to watch.

DEBORAH CORNWALL: It took Cindy Gambino three years to believe Robert Farquharson was actually capable of such a monstrous act, even supporting him through his first trial.

CINDY GAMBINO: I thought things were fairly amicable between us. I had no idea that he would ever harm the children. If anything, I thought he was gonna harm himself.

DEBORAH CORNWALL: The discovery this week of another family murder, this time on the Gold Coast, has prompted yet another debate about what can be done to help protect mothers and children.

TIM TERIZE, QLD POLICE: It’s obvious that when these tragic events happen that we all look for answers in trying to explain why it happened. And unfortunately, rarely is there a simple explanation.

DEBORAH CORNWALL: Paul Rogers had the names of his estranged partner and two children etched into his body after he separated from Tania Simpson six months ago. On Sunday night, he went on a rampage, stabbing her to death along with a family friend.

???: It would appear that both bodies have suffered some form of trauma. I can’t say anything more beyond that.

DEBORAH CORNWALL: The bodies of Rogers and his five-year-old daughter Kyla were discovered the next day in a car in northern NSW.

CAROLYN HARRIS-JOHNSON: I think what’s really driving these men is their own need to have power and control over the woman that they were in a relationship with.

DEBORAH CORNWALL: Social work lecturer Carolyn Harris-Johnson has just published her findings on a 10-year study of so-called filicide killings in Australia. What she found was a clear pattern among men who kill their families. It’s not so much the custody battles that drive men to murder, she says; more than anything, they simply want to punish their wives for leaving them – in the most horrific way they can.

CAROLYN HARRIS-JOHNSON: My research showed that where these cases had occurred, there wasn’t actually an existing dispute in the courts, so what I see is that the proprietary attitude that these men have, both towards their wives and towards their children, allows them to commit the offence, because they are possessions of his, they’re not entities in their own right.

DIONNE FEHRING: Well there’s sliding doors in life. You decide which doors you’re going to take and that was the door that he chose to take on that day, was to kill the kids and himself.

DEBORAH CORNWALL: Dionne Fehring’s two children were suffocated by their father Jason Dalton on Anzac Day 2004.

DIONNE FEHRING: I knew that he was capable of murdering me because of the threats he’d made against me, but I never ever thought he’d make – he would kill the kids. I don’t think anyone knew what he was capable of. I certainly didn’t. I didn’t think he would do that. And could anything have been done differently? No. He had it in his mind of what he was going to do. I don’t think anyone could have changed his mind.

DEBORAH CORNWALL: MensLine, a national counselling service, today cautioned men going through the crisis of a divorce or separation didn’t need the stigma of being regarded as potentially homicidal.

RANDAL NEWTOWN-JOHN, MENSLINE: Obviously men who are going through these situations may be feeling angry, hurt or scared, but that doesn’t mean to say they’re dangerous.

CAROLYN HARRIS-JOHNSON: So we’re talking about a very, very small group of men who have a particular and intense need to control their partner and who will never accept the finality of separation.

DEBORAH CORNWALL: But victims and experts say we now know enough about this kind of homicidal behaviour to recognise some of the red flags.

CAROLYN HARRIS-JOHNSON: Things like veiled threats to harm the children or explicit threats to harm the children or the self should be warning flags to everyone.

CINDY GAMBINO: My biggest thing is just get help. Don’t think it’s the end of the world. It’s not the end of the world. The end of the world is when you kill your children.

LEIGH SALES: Deborah Cornwell reporting.

Why Fathers Kill Their Children- To Punish Their Wives For Leaving Them.

Obsessive love lost: why some fathers kill

Adele Horin

May 18, 2011

‘Please God not again’

A mother whose two children were murdered by their father seven years ago says she ‘can’t believe this keeps happening’.


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Several recent cases have thrown the spotlight on estranged partners who resort to drastic acts of revenge, writes Adele Horin.

Custody issues are not the main reason estranged fathers kill their children.

They kill to punish their wives for leaving them.

That is the conclusion of Australia’s foremost expert on murder-suicide, Carolyn Johnson of Curtin University.

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Paul Roger's tattoo list the names of his family members.

Paul Rogers’s tattoo list the names of his family members.

”Of the cases I studied, all the men had access to their kids and they used the access time to murder them,” said Dr Johnson, whose book Come with Daddy, explored murder-suicides after marital separation.

A police hunt for five-year-old Kyla Rogers ended on Monday night near Casino with the discovery of her body in a car beside that of her father, Paul.

Earlier, the bodies of his former partner, Tania Simpson, and a ”family friend”, Anthony Way, were found in a flat on the Gold Coast.

Robert Farquharson...accused of driving his car into a dam and drowning his three sons.

Robert Farquharson…accused of driving his car into a dam and drowning his three sons. Photo: John Woudstra

Dr Johnson said the kind of men who kill in these situations are those with a proprietorial attitude towards women and children.

They will not relinquish control, they are used to calling the shots in the family, and are often pathologically jealous. When they finally realise their wives are not coming back, they turn lethal.

”Homicide-suicide is their final act of control,” she said. ”Very often they let their wives survive to experience the extreme pain of losing their children.”

Paul Rogers was found dead in a car with his daughter Kyla.

Paul Rogers was found dead in a car with his daughter Kyla.

Several recent high-profile cases have thrown the spotlight on estranged fathers who have resorted to murder.

Last month, Arthur Freeman was jailed for 30 years for throwing his daughter Darcey, 4, to her death off the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne.

The judge concluded he had used his daughter in an attempt to hurt his former wife ”as profoundly as possible”.

Little angel...Kyla Rogers, pictured with her brother Bronnson, was found dead in a car beside the body of her father, Paul.

Little angel…Kyla Rogers, pictured with her brother Bronnson, was found dead in a car beside the body of her father, Paul.

Freeman lodged an appeal against the sentence last week.

And last year another estranged father, Robert Farquharson, was jailed for a minimum of 33 years for deliberately driving his car into a dam and drowning his three sons near Geelong.

The judge said Farquharson had resented that his estranged wife had started a new relationship.

He has lodged an appeal.

Lesley Laing, a leading expert on family violence from Sydney University, said a history of controlling and violent behaviour was behind most cases of family homicide but too many people ignored or dismissed women’s fears.

”The community reaction often is ‘what more can we do to make this man or these men feel better’ by changing family law or providing more services,” she said. Instead the focus should be on the safety of women and children.

Dr Laing recently completed research on the family law system’s response to victims of domestic violence. She also chaired a committee which has led the NSW government to establish a domestic violence death review panel. She said the way to prevent more deaths of women and children was to find better ways to protect them.

At Men’s Line, the national counselling service for men, 40 per cent of the callers are going through separation, and some are so angry they express a desire to hurt others or themselves.

”It’s a very challenging situation for counsellors,” the program leader, Randal Newton-John, said.

He said many men relied entirely on their wives for emotional support and when the relationship broke down they had nobody to turn to.

He said it was essential that men going through separation sought help early for any emotional difficulties.

For Ingrid Poulson, the death of her two children and her father at the hands of her estranged husband in 2003 was beyond her worst nightmare.

Her husband, Phithak ”Neung” Kongsom, had been violent, controlling and she had taken out an apprehended violence order, but she did not think he would ever kill the children.

Yesterday she said women had to be ”hyper-alert” to signs that men were putting the children’s welfare at risk.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/obsessive-love-lost-why-some-fathers-kill-20110517-1eri9.html#ixzz1MnyhFHhB