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There is a child her eyes speak, where she cannot;

Of intense pain, please they say “forget me not.”

I am without a voice; it is you who must care;

Will you see my heart and stop my despair?


I know this sweet Angel; she is the daughter of mine;

I’ll yell, I’ll scream for you, through the end of time.

Time keeps traveling, and stands still for none;

I am still here my child, screaming for you, I have not gone.


One day my dear sweet child, the truth will be known;

I will do my best, so that you will never have to be alone.

I see your hopelessness, I feel your loss; I wear your pain;

No honey, I have not gone, I will always remain.


For it is you my sweet child that beats in my heart;

You are the air I breathe, you’re my every thought.

Do not give up, this is not the end; It is only the start.

As I believe that our love cannot ever be taken away;

The harder they try to, the stronger it will stay.


One day my child the world will be yours; and its beauty as well;

For the gift that I will give you; will be to always let your heart tell.

I will give you all that I can; the world yours will be;

Stand strong My dear sweet Child, wait and you will see.

I will never abandon you, I will Never leave. 



“Hell hath no Fury than that of an Angel”


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